About Natali

“Nature is my inspiration. The symmetry of a flower, cells in a leaf, fibers of a feather, irradiances of an insect’s wings. All of these are delicate to touch, yet can withstand the wind, sun, and rain – like glass.”

I am a glass artist who specializes in the specific technique called “Flame-Working”, in which an oxygen/propane torch is used to melt glass into beautiful pieces of art. Slight variations in the type of flame, the heat and the glass, produce vastly differing results.

Glass has its own sense of movement and internal structure, a quality which allows me to interact with the medium in an intimate and responsive way.

As a professional artist I make all my own work and displays. Currently I participate in juried shows and wholesale to contemporary craft galleries.My art is a reflection of the energy I feel around me. I have always tended to create hand-held pieces. Having the viewer focus so closely creates an intimate relationship between the art and the individual. I put a lot of focus on the technical detail, things that are easily seen if you are holding the piece. I discovered that wearable art allows me to create this experience.

I am a graduate of Sheridan College’s SOCAD and continued my education at the University of Windsor, majoring in Sculpture.

In The News



My art has helped me succeed in my wish to give to the wonderful people all around me. Thank you for your suport.
Here is a list of organizations I have contributed to in the past 5 years.

  • Bladder Cancer of Canada
  • Shave for the Brave
  • Camp Trillium
  • Kortright Hills Public School
  • Wellington Hall Academy
  • Beads of Courage
  • David Suzuki Foundation
  • MS Society of Canada
  • The weekend to end breast cancer


    It is my desire to show students how it is the process more than the end result that is the key to art making, that the creative act is a form of self-expression, communication and builds confidence.

Natali Baird