I’m trying something new this year

An Auction for one of my bee drawings The winner will be helping my dad and other people with bladder cancer in Canada. So feel good about bidding and the tax write off too! It will take place on Facebook, I hope we’re friends already, but if not, please connect with me. Auction ends Friday, Sept. 24th [Read more about I’m trying…]


Exciting news, an image of one of my mermaids was published in my favorate glass magazine. https://www.theflowmagazine.com/ As you probably know, mermaids have long fascinated and terrified me. I love being in water and the idea of being able to breath and explore freely, thrills me, but there is something unsettling about the cold and [Read more about Mermaids …]

In Flanders Field

Barbra Byrce designed this piece for the Guelph Civic Museum’s Exhibit “Remembering In Flanders Fields” The poppy petals, flowers and buds are flameworked, she has wanted to do a collaborative piece for two years now and I’m glad she pulled me into this awesome project. Pod: This is an ongoing theme of mine, as I am [Read more about In Flanders…]