Corning Museum of Glass, Glass Art Society Confrence

What a whirl wind weekend this was! I loved every minute of it. Wish I’d had time to write a diary at the time instead of editing the flood of memories.

I was so excited that about Roger Paramore’s demo and when I went to the information desk, they told me I had to go to another destination about 30 minutes away to register before getting tickets for the demo. Next thing I know this woman gets me a ticket using her pass. She found me again during the demo and sat with me. It was clear that she had many friends in the group. I was alone and she just took me in, invited me to join her and a bunch of really cool people for lunch.

I saw three demos of pre-eminent artists in the field of flame working. I really appreciated the artists honesty and willingness to express the challenges they faced and how they solved them. It made me think about my own approach to my art.

Then I was off to look at new tools and glass. I ended up bumping into people I haven’t seen in ages and love to spend time with. Mostly I just love to talk about glass and that’s all I did!

The Corning Museum of Glass had the Blaschka’s invertebrates on exhibit. I have been wanting to see this exhibit since starting my Glass Blowing course at Sheridan. The exhibit was better than I could imagine. Seeing their equipment and parts of their studio transported me to another time.

Things became even more fun when my friends arrived and we explored Corning together.

The fashion show was a long day with rehearsals and prep. It was a surreal experience to look out into a hug audience, everyone excited and cheering. The fashion itself was truly exceptional. I wish I could show you all my favorites, but it would be dozens. That’s how amazing the work was! I really felt like people cared and helped each other and I was part of a community. There are so many people that were awesome and helpful. It was a wonderful experience. During the year of making my encrusted underwater dress, led me to create many new jewelry pieces and beads.

The pictures are from three different parts of the museum, the fashion show, the Blaschka exhibit and the permanent  collection.