Death Perceptions an exhibition, thought by curator, Shelly Carter

I try to find a way to spend time with Shelly Carter, no matter what the event, a birthday or art exhibition! She is an amazing person and her projects expand my boundaries.

I spent many hours looking at writing and videos of Berta Ceras for this project. She inspired me the first time I saw a video of her, her wisdom, compassion and connection to this planet made her jump into my head when I first thought about this project. I was torn whether to make a shrine in a traditional way, like you’d find in the families home or tell a story. She was coordinator of the Council of Popular and Indigenous Organizations of Honduras (COPINH) and won the Goldman Environmental Prize in 2015. She spoke about the connection of the land and people.

“We are beings who come from the earth, from the water and the corn. The Lenca people are ancestral guardians of the rivers in turn protected by the spirts of the girls who teach us that giving our lives in various ways for the protection of the rivers is giving our lives for the wellbeing of humanity and of this planet.”

These words created a story for me, I wanted to know more, so looked into the mythology of the Aztec people. There were stories about humans being created out of corn by what I interpret as “mother earth”, deep in her cave, then they had to follow the river to the sea. My rendition of this includes images of the Río Gualcarque river and the blockages Berta organized to stop the damning of it. It was a very challenging project in ways I didn’t anticipate. I have never done anything like this plus I was painting again, though I didn’t know I was going to do that till all my sketching lead to paint as the medium. I hope you will have an opportunity to see this exhibition, I am sure all the artists dug deep for this one.


The Death Perceptions Exhibition will be at the Wellington County Museum and Archives. There are three aspects to the exhibition: Visual Requiems, The Columbarium (a collection of cremation urns), and Shadowboxes & Shrines.
opening reception is the Friday night Sept 16, from 7:00 to 9:00. The exhibition then runs Sept 17 to Nov 6, 2016.