Glass Beadwork in Ancient Civilization

am excited to tell you that I was awarded an Ontario Arts Council grant to teach my course on; Symbolism and Meaning: Glass bead-work in Ancient Civilization in three schools.

I love studying ancient civilizations. I find them inspiring. Egypt has a special place in my heart, as the place to where the first glass can be traced. I’ve studied how they might have created glass pieces. It’s quite amazing when you consider the technology involved.
When my own son was in grade 5, he brought home books about Egypt. I had recently taken the Artist Educator Course and was inspired to create a lesson plan. I contacted his teacher about coming in to do a class. She looked over my lesson plan and then we did it. There were 4 center, Egyptian colour symbolism, tools of glass making, a sequence puzzle of making glass beads and creating murine trade beads with polymer clay, with they ended up trading with each other, and ended with a glass demo, where I reproduced a fish bead from 1370 BC. The lesson planned for the OAC is an expansion of what I’ve already done and incorporates a deeper study of colour symbolism and art in ancient times.

For more details on the program and of course my upcoming shows please contact me.
peace & love, natali

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