I was reluctant at first, to make a heart.

I felt like there were enough people already making them.

But then there was my first meeting with my son’s teacher. I just knew it could be a bit stressful and I hoped the teacher would be kind to me and see that I was there to work with her.

I had read a book on common symbols used throughout the world. So I designed a heart shaped pendant with an eye on it.

Thinking anyone would subconsciously see “I Love”.

Funnily enough, people were a bit weirded out by the eye. Art is an experiment, you never know the true outcome till it’s made and time has given you a chance to reflect.


Coming back to hearts. I did love the heart shape that I made. Because I was using a borosilicate glass and sculpting it vs soft glass as a bead, I designed the clear locket shape at the top of the heart. I loved the way it just let you focus on the heart shape and because it was borosilicate, it was durable.


The wings are about our “love taking flight”, being able to go anywhere and be shared.


Peace & love, Natali