The Flow – Studio Article


Very exciting news!  I recently wrote an article  that was published in my favorite flame-workers magazine, The Flow.
It was submitted at least a year before I moved to Guelph and had to set up a new studio.

Every space has its challenges. Moving from a converted large garage to an 8 x10 room called for some creative solutions. I burnt through 3 fans before purchasing the fan Andrea Guarino-Slemmons recommends.

I was in a rush to move in and get to work, so I didn’t paint the walls, even though I hate the colour. I decided it would be very easy for me to cover them in stuff.

My husband describes my decorating technique as “Horror vacui”, the term used to identify Ukraine, Middle Eastern art or any technique that uses pattern to fill in space; it is translated as “fear of empty space”.

flow studio article-1

flow studio article-2