Playing with colour

Playing with colour is endless for me. Sure I have many favourites. But combining them to create my own colours is an important process for me. I will take a rod of colour (usually the thickness of a pencil) then encase(cover it) with a transparent rod, stripe it with a stringer(thin rod about 1 mm thick), encase it entirely in clear, then pull(heat and stretch) the whole thing into a stringer. I use these complex colour canes to encase a point(hollow tube I use for blowing) and blow it into a vessel.

The texture of the glass is as important as the colour. The opaqueness and transparencies create texture. The form of a piece can also lend depth the colour.

Where a vessel is furthest blown out, the colours lose some of their definition and patterns are expanded. On a smaller piece the colours can be more intense with out a large surface for light to pass through.


I often don’t repeat my work, new developments pull me along in exploration.

peace & love, natali


Encase – cover the surface entirely

Rod of glass – raw materials used for flame-working (from 1mm to 20 mm thick)

Transparent- to see through

Opaque – not to see through

Stringer – thin rod about 1 mm thick

Vessel – a shape of a cup, vase or sculpture

Point – hollow tube with the ends pulled thin, used to create blown vessels