Shelter Valley

Shelter Valley Folk Festival is a registered federal charity that presents an annual Labour Day weekend family festival, an artist in the schools program, a community concert series, and a local song-writers showcase. The festival celebrates music, juried art, wellness, sustainable living and harvest food. The whole festival is run by volunteers and artists are invited to sell and demonstrate their work. This year that included me.

Shelter Valley is a non-profit festival where everyone profits! Those who volunteer are given a great place to camp, wonderful food, and much appreciation. The artists, food vendors and musicians are given the same treatment. All the people who come have a beautiful and happy environment to listen to great music. It was incredible to be around people who understood anything is possible with vision and open mindedness. A philosophy I share!! I also believe it takes more than one mind to come up with brilliance that is achievable. I loved being part of the artist village. Despite some unpredictable weather that forced us to close down on Saturday, my sales were great and was able to demonstrate for a little while.

Friday night I was too tired to do anything, so we were lying in the tent listening to the last of the concert, when Em got up to see where the light was coming from. He was worried that someone had lit a fire right next to our tent. I got up when I smelled the smoke. Guess what? We were right near the camp fire…again! It was like a continuation of the evening’s concert. I heard all the musicians that had been on stage that evening play. Like every year at this event, I sort of slept with the sound of music playing and woke up when it stopped and dawn had come.
Yes, it’s a bit loud being so close, but what keeps me from having a restful sleep is the slippery slope of the frictionally challenged sleeping arrangement. The tent is made of a slippery material, my Therma-Rest is made of a slippery material and the sleeping bag…yes, it too wants to rid itself from my body and make its way down the slope of the tent. I love camping, that’s why I do it once a year; you know to remind me to be grateful the other 362 days 🙂